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The Silly Diet Wars

What should I eat? How should I eat? When should I eat? The diet wars are a terrible waste of time and energy. The fights over “which diet is the right diet” miss the central issues involved in what and when we eat.

The American medical system and heart disease

In a country where we spend $50,000/year per family of four, the standard of care isn’t enough. More medications won’t fix what’s really wrong. Specialists only treat symptoms. There’s another way…

Stories from the front lines of change

We believe that doctors must—somehow—do more to drive the changes needed. Every day in our Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Programs, we deal with people who have been failed by our healthcare system. These are not, for the most part, dramatic failures—they’re common and ordinary failures.

“What can Cruxpoint do for me?”

If you’ve ever worried about heart disease, Cruxpoint gives you a way to not only know your risk, but to reduce it – along with other chronic conditions that come along with it. We can help you opt out of premature death by heart disease. Here’s how…

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