Biohack Your Bodyfat

Overweight and obesity is America's #1 health and quality of life crisis.

Bad option #1

You can take strong medications (or unsafe "magic pills") with bad side effects.

Bad option #2

You can choose procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, with high risks and many very bad side effects.

Bad option #3

You can remain seriously overweight or obese for life, and reap the same, illness, and disabilities that come with it.

Diets have a 95% failure rate.

(But you already know that by now.) Obesity contributes to all the major chronic diseases and physical disabilities, yet over 70% of American adults remain overweight or obese. Fad diets, extreme exercising, and “magic pills” haven’t worked. Extra weight can compromise everything about your quality of life.

Cruxpoint is for those who have truly decided that they will no longer be fat, and we promise to be the support you need on your journey. Achieve your goals with our powerful program that will help you: 

  1. Cut through the myths around weight loss

  2. Address the key drivers causing you to hold on to excess weight

  3. Keep it off by learning “biohacks” that will help you maintain an ideal body composition
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You can do this. Don't settle for the fear, shame, pain, and frustration any longer.

With the BioHack Your BodyFat Program, you can expect to...

Accurately measure your current body composition.
Assess the root causes of your overweight or obesity.
Restore metabolic health to sustain desired body composition.
Embed protocols into your normal living.
Get empowered with knowledge that feel back in control.
Lose the weight you hate.

How the program works:

The Heart Health Breakthrough Program is a 24-month program that empowers you with knowledge and gives you control. Our team will help you incorporate personalized protocols into your day-to-day life. It’s a new way of living – one without worry.

Comprehensive labs and assessments help us uncover root causes by taking a closer look at your unique biochemistry, vulnerabilities, inflammation, deficiencies, imbalances, and more.

Cruxpoint’s comprehensive assessments include:

  • InBody body composition measurement
  • ABSI body composition & mortality risk index
  • Vascular health assessment
  • GRIP strength
  • Goldenson Healthy Life Expectancy assessment
  • Circle of Life: Quality of life assessment

If needed, we’ll provide a referral for specialized scans and labs, such as a Coronary Artery Calcium heart scan.

Based on the results of your labs, scans, and other assessments, we’ll tailor a plan to help you not only reach your goals, but address the root causes of your overweight or obesity. 

Define your desired results, set goals, and track your progress with the committed support of a Health Coach.

  • Our practitioners and health coaches will work closely with you to put your plan in motion
  • You’ll get a curated approach to nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and more
  • We’ll monitor your goals, VIVID Numbers, and progress, and help you make course corrections
  • We’ll interpret follow-up assessments and labs to track progress and ensure success

These protocols are designed to help you become leaner, stronger, shapelier, healthier, more vital, and more attractive.

The 24-month program is packed with personalized support and continuous monitoring of your progress.

You’ll have direct access to:

  • Clinicians
  • Health coaches
  • Self-paced learning on digital platform
  • Curated, cutting-edge educational resources and research
  • Lifestyle education and coaching on reducing disease risk


Time + being a “normal American” = obesity

Never have so many people tried so heroically to accomplish a simple personal goal — losing weight and keeping it off. Never have so many people failed. Millions of people have suffered the shame and pain of being overweight and failing at weight loss. Millions yo-yo — repeatedly taking weight off and then putting it back on. Obesity is now the number one source of self-shame.

It’s science.

Millions have proved that “Eat Less, Move More” doesn’t work. There are 4-10 key drivers of overweight in every individual. Addressing these is the only way to successfully keep the weight off and maintain a desired body composition for the long term.

The information needed for losing weight and keeping it off is known, but it’s buried in a mass of conflicting and wrong information and outright propaganda. Once you understand how people get fat, and why they remain fat, you can apply that knowledge to your own life and circumstances – and your genetic make-up. You can lose the weight, keep it off, and achieve a good, healthy, attractive body composition.

You’ll meet with Cruxpoint clinicians and coaches for about an hour at a time, virtually or in our offices in Boulder, Colorado. You’ll receive personalized support, plus curated research from the very latest health and medical findings. We’ll sit down together, check in on how the protocols are going, and answer all your questions. You’ll find these sessions motivating and encouraging – not to mention empowering! 

The program is 24 months for everyone because we want to measure progress and success at the ends of years one and two.

Unfortunately, mainstream insurance providers do a very poor job at covering preventative services. Because of this, at this time we do not bill insurance. However, our services are generally eligible for HSA funds.

You sure can. Most of our labs can be done anywhere, but there are a couple that are only offered in Colorado at this time (AtCor, InBody, and Grip Strength). Fill out the form below and let us know where you’re located so we can build your program and pricing accordingly.

We do. Reach out to [email protected] for more details.

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