“What can Cruxpoint do for me?”

If you've ever worried about heart disease, Cruxpoint gives you a way to not only know your risk, but to reduce it – along with other chronic conditions that come along with it. We can help you opt out of premature death by heart disease. Here's how...

Heart disease is a thief, and your house is the target. Heart disease steals our most precious dreams: Life, vitality, a long and enjoyable retirement, freedom from fear and worry, freedom from pain, time with our grandkids and great-grandkids. As Dr. Bill Blanchet says, “If every third house in your neighborhood was going to be burglarized, would you spend the money to install a security system that lowers the risk by 95%… or just let the burglary happen?”

The short answer is that Cruxpoint can do a lot for you, including perhaps save your life.

Heart attacks and strokes may seem to hit people like a bolt out of the blue, but in reality, they’re anything but sudden. Your vulnerability to heart attack and stroke builds for decades.

People sometimes say to me, “Well, I have to die of something.” That’s true. The death rate is “1” per person. Everybody dies, everyone dies of something, no one gets out alive. We may joke that life is a sexually transmitted terminal condition, but timing is everything, and a later death is preferable to an earlier death.

We should not be fatalistic about this. At Cruxpoint, we favor long lives, very long health-spans, vitality throughout our lifetimes, and death as a short process at the end of a wonderfully rich life. We should not allow heart disease to ruin this dream.


The Cruxpoint Heart Health Breakthrough Program was designed to give you peace of mind through a plan designed to free you from prescriptions, misinformation, and many chronic conditions that come along with cardiovascular disease.

1. You may not actually be at risk for heart disease, and if you know that, you don’t need to worry.

Many of those who get a free heart scan with us learn that they have a zero calcium score, meaning they are showing no measurable evidence of heart disease and are in the group that has a present risk of only 0.1% in a 10-year span. This is real peace of mind. Keep your score at zero and you have a tiny, tiny risk of a cardiovascular event throughout your lifetime.

2. If you have heart disease, good news: you found it before it found you.

If you learn that you do have progressive CVD, knowing that you can stop or even reverse it can give you peace of mind. You get the peace of mind that your risk of dying of heart attack or stroke can be lowered to the same level as someone your age having a zero score. By following your customized plan, you can reduce your probability of coronary event by about 95%.

3. Everyone’s body and lifestyle is different. We create precise, customized plans to help you succeed.

You will learn precisely how to bring YOUR heart disease in YOUR body under permanent life-long control. Are these protocols burdensome? Not really. You do not have to become vegan, learn to meditate, skip red meat, avoid alcohol, chew your food 100 times, drink 60 ounces of hibiscus tea per day, or do yoga 5 times a week. Life can be rather normal, whatever normal may be for you.

4. Anticipate heading into your “precious years” with real vitality.

You get a dramatic increase in likelihood that you will have real vitality – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength – during the last 20-25 years of your life. Is it worth it to have spring in your step and a sound mind and body when you’re in your 90s? Absolutely. A long life span is one thing, but without the health span to match, life is not so good. For most people, being elderly means endless doctor appointments and 8 medications. That doesn’t have to be you.

5. Reduce your dependency on medications – and the uncomfortable side effects that come along with them.

Every cell in our body depends upon a healthy cardiovascular system. You cannot create a healthy cardiovascular system by taking a statin or being on blood pressure medications. When we actually improve our cardiovascular system, we positively affect the brain, kidneys, liver, bones, muscles – every system in the body. Preserving the integrity of the tiniest blood vessels is crucial as we age. Altogether, both the benefits gained and the risks lowered are huge.


A high coronary calcium score does not mean you need a cardiologist. It means you need to stop the progression of your heart disease. Cruxpoint offers more effective choices than standard medical treatment, personalized for you, and designed to help you live with more vitality across the board.

All modern, non-communicable, chronic diseases are driven by systemic inflammation in the body. When we lower systemic inflammation to address heart disease, we dramatically lower our risk of all the other chronic diseases that are driven by inflammation. This includes cancers, dementias, lung diseases, dysregulated sugar metabolism, various autoimmune diseases, and so much more.


  1. We will order and review your comprehensive labs and then customize supplements to fit your specific biochemistry. These supplements, both the type and amount, specifically address biochemistry that is out of balance in your body which may be contributing to CVD. When our systems or biochemistry are out of balance, or when they lack essential building blocks of vitality, the body tends toward inflammation and disease. Supplements help us get things back in balance.
  2. We will also review your biochemistry and symptoms to assess whether you do, in fact, need to take medications. At Cruxpoint, the goal is to (1) get the body in balance, (2) reduce systemic inflammation, and (3) enhance its natural ability to be healthy and vital. Most of the time, this allows you to eliminate or reduce medications safely.
  3. We will review your scan results (heart, vascular system, etc.) and other non-lab assessments, and recommend targeted lifestyle adjustments that will produce positive effects for you.
  4. We will search for and find your drivers of inflammation/disease.
  5. We will guide you with a science-based and evidence-based approach. There is so much inaccurate, conflicting and flat-out-wrong information out there that sorting through it all is a full-time job. We will do that searching and sorting for you.
  6. We will give you protocols that allow you to be in control and self-propelled.

At Cruxpoint, we are all-in for helping you take control of your heart health.


By the end of your engagement with Cruxpoint, you will have your heart disease under control for the rest of your life. You will likely have also resolved some other disease processes and aggravating conditions. Most importantly, you will have lowered your cardiovascular risk by up to 95%.

What is that worth to you?

You have to decide.

Remember: Heart disease is a thief, and your house is the target.

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