Breakthroughs in health and quality of life.

A healthy, well-functioning body is the platform for everything that’s important to us in life. Cruxpoint brings you health breakthroughs by closing the gap.

We focus on removing and resolving the root causes of specific diseases and conditions.

Most people – under the care of doctors – treat symptoms their entire lives. A real breakthrough in our vitality comes from addressing the causes of the symptoms. At Cruxpoint, you’ll find science-based, cause-focused health care, not symptom-focused, pills-for-ills, hit-and-run medicine.


We integrate the neglected science and ignored clinical practices that truly make a difference in health and well-being.


Our science-based treatment protocols – based on the latest and best research – deliver your desired results. We guarantee it.


Everything we do with you is personalized and customized. There is no “one size fits all.” Your treatment plan and protocols are tailored to your unique biochemistry and circumstances.

Get ready for breakthrough.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to take care of your health.

Welcome to Cruxpoint

What brings you here?

I want to stop my risk of heart attack and stroke.

I want to achieve and sustain my ideal weight and shape.