The truth about heart disease

If you think COVID-19 is scary and dangerous, consider that nearly half of all adults in the United States have some type of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in America.

COVID-19 hit people like a bolt out of the blue.

Guess what? So do heart attacks and strokes, with cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths at many times the rate of COVID-19 deaths – every single year.

If you think COVID-19 is scary and dangerous, consider this:

Nearly half (48%, or 121.5 million in 2016) of all adults in the United States have some type of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association’s Heart and Stroke Statistics – 2019 Update, published in the Association’s journal Circulation. Approximately 80 million adults have significant heart disease.


Every year, over 750,000 Americans die prematurely and unnecessarily of cardiovascular disease (CVD). (In 2022, we’re at roughly 900,000 deaths.) Here’s what those numbers mean:

  • 33% of Americans’ lives end prematurely due to heart disease.
  • That’s over 2,000 people every day, every year.
  • That’s many times the projected deaths from COVID-19.
  • 7x more women die of heart disease than breast cancer.
  • Death count aside, millions are also disabled or live compromised lives due to CVD.

In the last 20 years alone, more than 12 million Americans died prematurely and unnecessarily from CVD. This percentage SHOULD be more like 3-4%. Why? Because CVD is preventable, stoppable, and often reversible

CVD is a modern plague of staggering impact. Somehow we’ve decided – astonishingly – that this plague is acceptable. It’s not acceptable. We are told that heart disease is a “normal” part of aging. It’s common perhaps, but should not be considered normal.


What’s important: We don’t need to go along with this avoidable plague. Death from heart disease is optional. We can opt out. At Cruxpoint we favor long lives, very long health-spans, vitality throughout our lifetimes, and death as a short process at the end of a wonderfully rich life. Heart disease should not be allowed to interrupt that dream.


Fact: Cardiovascular disease is progressive unless we stop it. It inevitably leads to a bad end unless it is halted.

Fact: CVD correlates to virtually every other bad chronic disease pattern, including dementia.

Fact: Heart disease is the #1 cause of death, and stroke is the #1 cause of disability.

Fact: Half of heart attacks occur in people with a “good” cholesterol profile.

Fact: Stress tests miss most people at risk for heart attacks.

Fact: Many people, despite being active, staying fit, not smoking, and eating a reasonably healthy diet are in the half of American adults with some form of CVD and in the 33% who lose their lives to CVD.

Fact: We know how to measure whether you have heart disease and how extensive or advanced it is. Coronary calcium imaging is proven to be the best way to assess heart disease. Heart scans are recommended for all men 40 and older and all women 50 and older.

Fact: Barring some other cause of premature death, it is near certain that CVD is what will kill those who have heart disease. When? Who knows? Tomorrow? 5 years from now? 10 years? For roughly 90% of those who die of heart disease, death comes earlier than it should.


You are not powerless. You can do something. Cardiovascular disease can be prevented. Even more important, it can be stopped and possibly reversed. Stopping the progression of your CVD – regardless of how advanced it is – lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke by 90-95%.

This knowledge is not widely known or used within the medical community. And this is why we developed the Cruxpoint BioHack Your Heart Health Program. We can’t say with certainty when CVD will come for you, but we CAN measure risk and the probability of having a heart attack or stroke. More important, we can stop it.


Schedule a heart scan to assess your degree of coronary artery disease. We have the proven solutions to help you restore your heart health, no matter what your results.

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