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The Truth About Overweight & Obesity

Enough pain, shame, frustration, and judgment. You can lose the weight you hate. Here’s the truth.


The Overweight & Obesity Crisis

Dr. Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D.

Being overweight or obese is our #1 health and quality of life crisis today.​

How so? Because: 

  • Over 70% of American adults are overweight or obese.
  • Over 40% of American adults are obese.
  • Our children are becoming overweight and obese at younger ages.
  • Our children are developing obesity-related diseases at an ever-higher rate, at an ever-younger age.
  • The numbers are getting worse every year.
  • Obesity contributes to all the major chronic diseases and physical disabilities.
  • Most adult Americans have some form of cardiometabolic disease.

Overweight/obesity is now the #1 cause of shortened lifespan.  

When we’re significantly overweight our quality of life is compromised. Our self-images are harmed. We live with shame and frustration. We are judged harshly by others and ourselves. 

Even worse: We are stuck, seemingly without solutions!

What are your choices if you can’t prevent, stop, or reverse serious overweight or obesity?

Bad option #1

You can take strong medications (or unsafe "magic pills") with bad side effects

Bad option #2

You can choose procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, with high risks and many very bad side effects.

Bad option #3

You can remain seriously overweight or obese for life, and reap the shame, illnesses, and disabilities that come with it.

What are the benefits of taking off the excess weight and keeping it off?

  • You look so much better
  • You feel so much better
  • You have energy and vitality
  • You don’t suffer from chronic conditions
  • You have less pain in your body
  • You stave off disease and disability
  • You have a better self-image
  • You’re physically competent—you can do the things you want to do

The list goes on…….

How does overweight & obesity happen today?

Time + Being A Normal American = Obesity  

For many or most:
  • It starts before birth
  • It continues in the crib
  • Our biochemistry and hormones are altered in the womb
  • Our biochemistry and hormones are altered early in life
  • Bad habits are formed young
  • It’s gradual and incremental: Typical month, year, or decade:
    • 0.25-1 pounds or more per month of body fat gain
    • 3-12# or more per year
    • 20-50# or more per decade
  • It only takes 4 ounces of bodyfat per month (1/4 of a pound) to gain 60 pounds of bodyfat in 20 years

Elevated insulin is THE key driver of the entire process.  

Are we doomed? Are we destined to failure? Is there no hope?

No, no, and no. There is a solution that works. To succeed, you must understand and deal with the root causes of overweight and obesity.

Enough pain, shame, frustration, and judgment:

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