The Cruxpoint Team

Every member of Cruxpoint deeply believes that we have an ethical responsibility to produce results and outcomes that matter to our clients, and we promise to match or exceed your commitment every step of the way.

We live what we teach and prescribe

We continuously learn and innovate

We are simple, direct, and honest in our communication

We are always science-based and sensical

We aim to set the bar for the industry

Medical, Advisory, & Executive Team

– Corporate Board of Directors –

Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D.

Chairman & Interim CEO

Ray Sprague

Retired Insurance Industry Executive

Steve Fitzgerald

Board of Directors

Dan LaPerriere, M.D.

Medical Director,
Functional Medicine

William Blanchet, M.D.

Chief Medical Advisor / Clinical Research, Heart Disease

James Ehrlich, M.D.

Chief Medical Director

Gerry Schmidt

Mental Health Services

Lee Rice, D.O.

Medical Director, Sports Medicine & Wellness

Lindsay Woods, MBA

VP, Client Relations & Communications

James Newton

Personal Transformation

Rich Schoenmaker

Chief Technical Officer

Edward Nichols

Director & Legal Counsel

Denver/Boulder Care Team

Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Dan LaPerriere, M.D.

Medical Director,
Functional Medicine

Gerry Schmidt

Mental Health Services

Chris Fox

Director of Health Coaches

Lindsay Woods, MBA

VP, Client Relations

Tiffany Bentsen

Clinical Assistant, Nutritionist, Phlebotomist

Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough, Inc. provides educational resources and program-based solutions to help people reverse disease and live stronger, longer lives. Our intensive, holistic programs deliver breakthroughs in lifestyle-driven diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune, and aging-related conditions, based on customized solutions derived from proprietary labs, assessments, and technology, and backed by personalized coaching. The power of our approach comes from incorporating neglected research and ignored clinical practices, and delivery on digital platforms. We also contract with employers to reduce the cost of chronic disease in America’s workforce.