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Lose the weight you hate.

The Truth About Body Fat

Extra weight can compromise everything about the quality of your life.
The Truth About Body Fat

A Life-Changing Process

Changes in health, energy, and quality of life come quickly and are dramatic.
Discover Your New Normal

The BodyComp Breakthrough Diet

Only a small fraction of Americans eat a diet that is not health-destructive.
Eat Well, Live Well

Health Breakthrough Initiative

Learn more about the metabolic-hormonal factors behind weight gain (and loss).
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Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough, Inc. provides educational resources and program-based solutions to help people reverse disease and live stronger, longer lives. Our intensive, holistic programs deliver breakthroughs in lifestyle-driven diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune, and aging-related conditions, based on customized solutions derived from proprietary labs, assessments, and technology, and backed by personalized coaching. The power of our approach comes from incorporating neglected research and ignored clinical practices, and delivery on digital platforms. We also contract with employers to reduce the cost of chronic disease in America’s workforce.