Carotid screenings vs. Heart Scan Screenings

We're used to looking at weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol as measures to determine the level of heart disease, but what about carotid ultrasound screenings and heart scan screenings? More importantly, how accurate are they? Do they all measure the same thing? Which is the best? It is confusing out there in the land of heart disease detection. Join Lindsay and Gary Koyen, Ph.D. Research Scientist and Psychologist as they go into the data and discuss just what these measurements are really all about.

What's your number?

What is the number you need to accurately predict your heart attack risk? There are several numbers we use, most commonly, cholesterol numbers. But how much do cholesterol numbers help us predict heart attack risk? Are cholesterol numbers all they're cracked out to be? Join Lindsay and Gary Koyen, Ph.D., Research Scientist and Psychologist as they discuss the data behind the value of cholesterol numbers and what the number is that you REALLY need to know to accurately predict and reverse heart attack risk.