The Cruxpoint approach is based on unassailable research and over 15 years of exceptional clinical results. And it’s all delivered with fewer side effects and greater patient empowerment.

At Cruxpoint, we search for, find, and address the causes of disease. We don’t simply treat symptoms. 

Knowledge is power and puts you in control. You can know which factors are working for and against you and what to do about them, putting responsibility for your health firmly in your hands. Taking good care of yourself starts with good data and insights. At Cruxpoint, we want you in control for the rest of your life.

Accurately measure coronary plaque with a heart scan

Assess biochemistry, biomarkers, and genetic vulnerabilities

Apply customized diet, supplement, and lifestyle protocols

Track progress and measure success along your journey

Get access to cutting-edge research and innovation

Learn from our highly trained team of licensed doctors and professionals

Program Features & Pricing

The cornerstone of an effective heart health program is a heart scan to determine your coronary calcium score. The scan is the definitive measure of heart disease. It accurately tells you if you have heart disease and if so, how much. That’s why our program begin with a heart scan. 

The Heart Health Breakthrough Program

Who it's for:
For everyone with a non-zero calcium score. Any score above zero reveals heart disease. The purpose of the Heart Health Breakthrough Program is to halt the progression of your heart disease and reduce your risk to the same level you would have if your score was zero. This takes your risk down by up to 95%. 

The "Keep It At Zero" Program

Who it's for:
Those with a score of zero, which means you're showing no calcified plaque in your arteries. This preventative program will help keep you safe. By age 75 only 10% of American adults have a zero score. Why? Because they didn't keep it at zero.

Step 1

Coronary Artery Disease Assessment

Coronary Calcium Scan + consultation
$ 1,095 No commitment required
  • Pre-scan consultation (1 hour; virtual option)
  • Ultrafast Coronary Calcium Scan
  • Post-scan consultation (1.5 hours; virtual option)

Step 2

Heart Health Breakthrough Program

A 6-month personalized program. Complete the Coronary Artery Disease Assessment first.
$ 3,765 Payment plans available
  • The most intensive, focused portion of the program happens during the first six months. This six months is the minimum required. For some clients, six months is enough to accomplish and sustain their goals. Others may need monthly sustained support for a period of time (3-18 months).
  • -
  • Heart Health Breakthrough Labs
  • Cruxpoint Comprehensive Assessments
  • Personalized plan of action including supplement recommendations, fitness plans, and goal setting
  • On-demand access to Cruxpoint Health Coaches for personal responses to all your questions

Step 3

Ongoing support

Beyond the first 6 months
$ 195/mo Paid monthly
  • Receive sustained support to keep you on track. Some clients will need none, but most will need 3-6 months of such support. Some will need 12-18 months.

Medications, supplements, and additional labs or scans, if needed, are not included or covered by the fees paid to Cruxpoint. Fees paid to Cruxpoint are not normally covered by health insurance.

Results guaranteed when you participate in our program.

Services and resources include:

Lifestyle education and coaching on:


What your doctor doesn’t know might kill you.

Our proven, powerful programs change lives. Once you know your results, you can change them. At Cruxpoint, we offer real solutions, not band-aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most heart attacks actually occur in people with “normal” cholesterol, and stress tests miss most people at risk. The heart scan is the best way to measure cardiovascular disease. And, it’s one of the easiest scans you can get. If you’re feeling nervous or ashamed about knowing your number, believe us, we’ve seen it all. And if you’re reading this, it’s not too late. We know what to do to lower your number (and it might be lower than you think). Learn more about your first heart scan →

Remember: Heart disease is optional. A baseline heart scan shows your degree of heart disease. Subsequent heart scans will show progression. With 1 in 3 Americans dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease and millions more living with a lowered quality of life, measuring your heart health status is the first step towards changing it.

Doctors recommend a baseline heart scan for men 45+ and women 50+ (or 40 and 45, respectively, if significant risk factors are present). Did you know that women are 7x more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer? If you’re younger than this and want to invest in preventative health care, give us a call – we’d be happy to chat about what your options are.

Not at this time, but we’re working to bring coverage for employees of partnering enterprises.

Yes, but we find that cutting-edge medical research takes roughly ten years to trickle down into mainstream medical practice. We’re able to be much more agile. We believe that in 10-20 years, this will be the model that caring cardiologists will look to for patients in need of long-lasting results, not band-aids. Check out this article: The American Medical System and Heart Disease →

How much is living worth to you? Actually, working with Cruxpoint costs significantly less than the costs you’ll incur by going through the “sickcare” system. Our programs are designed to help you see success without arduous lifestyle changes, like becoming vegan or meditating for hours a day.

First, we want couples to have a shared understanding of the results of the scans. Second, because these are truly quality of life issues, we believe that decisions about “What should we do?” are best made by couples deciding together. Third, success will come from couples being committed together. We have found that success is lower when only one person in the couple understands, makes the decisions, and commits to the protocols. This is a journey of loving and supporting each other.

You can opt out. Don’t wait for chest pain.

Accurately measure

your degree of heart disease

Stop the progression

of coronary artery disease

Reduce the risk

of heart attack and stroke by 95%


the heart health protocols into your normal living

Find your heart disease before it finds you.

Opt out of heart disease. Begin your breakthrough today.