The Cruxpoint approach to weight loss

Research shows that elevated insulin is the root cause. Elevated insulin and other hormone imbalances will cause fat deposition – no matter what or how much you eat. Even when eating small amounts of food, insulin will force some calories into fat storage. It’s a losing game. Lowering insulin levels and restoring hormone balance in the body are the absolutely essential factors for losing weight and keeping it off. We address this by helping you:

Measure the most important hormone levels

Measure the most important biomarkers

Make the changes that cause the hormones to return to balance and to become fully functioning

Make the changes that cause stored fat to be burned for energy.

The BodyComp Breakthrough Program

In this 6+ month program, we’ll assess your root causes of overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. You’ll get a personalized plan of action and support for reaching your goals. Change happens fast around here!

Step 1

BodyComp Labs

Metabolic-Hormonal Panel
$ 1,245 No commitment required
  • The BodyComp Breakthrough Assessment includes interpretation of results and recommended solutions.
  • -
  • Pre-labs consultation (1 hour; virtual option)
  • Cruxpoint BodyComp Breakthrough Panel (Labs)
  • Lab results consultation (2 hours; virtual option)

Step 2

BodyComp Breakthrough program

A 6-month personalized program. Complete the BodyComp Labs first.
$ 2,520 Payment plans available
  • The most intensive, focused portion of the program happens during the first six months. This six months is the minimum required. For some clients, six months is enough to accomplish and sustain their goals.
  • -
  • Personalized plan of action including supplement recommendations, fitness plans, and goal setting
  • Cruxpoint Comprehensive Assessments
  • Set goals and success criteria
  • On-demand access to Cruxpoint Health Coaches for personal responses to all your questions

Step 3

Extended support

Beyond the first 6 months. Additional labs optional.
$ 195/mo Paid monthly
  • Receive sustained support to keep you on track. Some clients will need none, but most will need 3-6 months of such support. Some will want more.
  • -
  • On-demand, personal access to Cruxpoint Health Coaches

Medications, supplements, and additional labs or scans, if needed, are not included or covered by the fees paid to Cruxpoint. Fees paid to Cruxpoint are not normally covered by health insurance.

Let’s get your labs.

Get the insights you need to get the results you want. No commitment.

FAQ / Myths & Facts

Never have so many people tried so heroically to accomplish a simple personal goal — losing weight and keeping it off. Never have so many people failed. Millions of people have suffered the shame and pain of being overweight and failing at weight loss. Millions yo-yo — repeatedly taking weight off and then putting it back on. Obesity is now the number one source of self-shame.

People assume that we become overweight and then develop insulin resistance, elevated insulin, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes. 

This is backwards.

Elevated insulin comes first, and obesity is the result of elevated insulin. 

And the normal panel of blood tests won’t tell you this.

***Gary, what can we say here? If I heard you right, you mentioned someting about insulin looking fine but the compensatory processes being out of whack to keep that level…?

It’s science. 

Millions of people have shown through heroic effort that reducing calories in the face of elevated insulin is a recipe for failure. The failure rate using this weight loss model is estimated at 95%. So there must be something else that works!

The information needed for losing weight and keeping it off is known, but it’s buried in a mass of conflicting and wrong information and outright propaganda. Once you understand how people get fat, and why they remain fat, you can apply that knowledge to your own life and circumstances—and your genetic make-up. You can lose the weight, keep it off, and achieve a good, healthy, attractive body composition.

Last time we checked, whole, clean foods never hurt anyone! 

However, everyone’s biochemistry is different, and the more insights you have to what your body needs and what the imbalances are, the safer you’ll be. Did you know that the keto diet – especially a prolonged keto diet – can produce grave complications for the pancreas and (especially for women), the thyroid? Because our approach is similar, we provide close monitoring to make personalized adjustments throughout the process to make sure you stay well on your journey to a healthy weight. 


Yes. We don’t people to suffer any longer, so we’ve made the decision to make our approach an open book. 

However, we do strongly recommend taking this approach with the oversight of a doctor who’s willing to monitor you throughout your journey. You’ll need blood tests to check in on your progress. 

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